Why Nepal Holiday Org?

Why Us?

Our motivation for coming here is based on trust, safety, responsibility, and sustainable tourism.


We like our job!

At Nepal Holiday Organizer, we aren’t just another tour and trekking company – we’re passionate individuals who truly love what we do.

We’re excited to meet new people, forge friendships, and be a part of the incredible stories that travelers take home. Exploring the rich history of Nepal, from its vibrant cities to its remote villages, brings us joy.

We take pride in revealing the lesser-known tales of mountains, lakes, and cultures, enriching your journey with unique insights.


Experience & Knowledge

With over a decade of experience, our journey began as explorers and transformed into seasoned guides.

We’ve walked the trails, conquered the summits, and immersed ourselves in the local culture. Our extensive knowledge allows us to not only navigate the terrain but also educate and inform. We’re not just guides; we’re educators, sharing our insights about the route, answering your questions, and weaving mythical stories that add a magical touch to your adventure.

Your safety is paramount, and we ensure regular health check-ups, provide guiding tips, and have a well-defined immediate evacuation process in place.

Connection & Network

Our well-established connections are the backbone of seamless travel. We’ve built strong relationships with airlines, hotels, and tea houses to offer you the best services and accommodations. No matter the situation, we’re available 24/7 to assist you. Our adaptability and problem-solving skills shine, ensuring that your journey is smooth and worry-free.

We’re well-versed with various cultures and customs, making us versatile companions in any corner of the world.

Join us, and let’s create stories, forge friendships, and discover the heart and soul of Nepal together.


When you choose Nepal Holiday Organizer, you’re not just signing up for a tour or trek – you’re embarking on a journey with a team that is dedicated to making your experience unforgettable. We don’t just guide; we enrich, connect, and ensure your safety every step of the way. Your adventure is our adventure, and we can’t wait to explore Nepal’s wonders with you.